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IT Security

As the world becomes more reliant upon technology the business risks of cyber security continues to intensify; a strategy to combat this risk is imperative for every organization.

myTechs can support you to gain a realistic and ongoing view of your security risk profile. We provide actionable advice and practical solutions, enabling your organization to be safer and more secure. This includes measurement and reporting against industry standards and best practices, providing your management team, board, and customers the reassurance that they deserve.

Risk Assessment Service

The potential threats that an organizations face are rapidly evolving. These risks, if actualized, can alter public perception and your corporate reputation.

myTechs can offer Cyber and Digital risk assessments. Providing you with the insight needed to determine the nature, context and likelihood of each potential risk, allowing for better decision making, better defense, and ultimately the ease of mind that you and your brand deserve. Each assessment may provide your company with the following items.

Threat Awareness

Perpetual monitoring and assessment of relevant sources and indictors to identify threats as they emerge.

Threat Detection

Simultaneous assessment of logs and events with known threats and data intelligence to provide prioritized alerting.

Threat Advisories

Reading the threat landscape that is relevant to your organization will allow for the targeting of the most serious threats that your business may face.

Security Operations

Understanding what is occuring accross your network, devices and applications may proove to be a significant challenge.

myTechs can provide Security Services that protect all, or portions of your IT estate. In a world of many cloud based systems, a huge range of devices and users with connectivity from all over the globe our services will simplify and support your ability to continually manage the risks you face everyday.

myTechs Managed Security Operations Service provides monitoring, alerting and proactive protection technologies. Specific capabilities that can be provided as part of this service, or on a stand alone basis include:

  • Managed Firewall
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Asset Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Remote Access

Identity Access & Single Sign On

We understand that it often takes a number of different software applications to run a business. Wecan help to streamlines your working day with single sign-on solutions and identity management tool. One single interface can provide you with access to the suite of tools that drive your business – right across your workforce. Anytime, anywhere.

Endpoint Security

Imagine if every endpoint device in your organization was managed and monitored by a security specialist. We use best-of-breed technologies to identify issues, deploy software updates and secure user devices in real-time – helping to ensure cyber attackers have no way in to your infrastructure.